Krikštėnai manor was first mentioned in the 18th century as a property of the duke Ksaveras Bogušas. After he moved to Warsaw, Vilnius vice-governor Bagenvski administered the manor, later on, Julijonas Pac Pamerneckis took over the administration. This owner of the manor built a late Baroque style manor in the middle of the 19th century in Krikštėnai. His sons sold the manor to tsarist Russia admiral of French ancestry Ignas de Bondi; the manor belonged to his family until 1940. The last owner of the manor Eugenija Janušienė de Bondi was killed by NKVD soldiers in Zarasai district on the 24th of June, 1941 together with other political prisoners from Ukmergė prison. After the war the manor belonged to Krikštėnai soviet farm and was abandoned; later it was slightly repaired and once again abandoned. In 1994 Krikštėnai manor was returned to de Bondi’s successors.


The successor did not resolve to rebuild the manor that belonged to her grandparents. She had owned the property for several years, and then she decided to sell it. Currently the manor belongs to Vladas Algirdas Šemeta.